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Access Requirements

Providing access to authorised visitors or professionals can sometimes be rather challenging.

Unforeseen circumstances, poor health or mobility may prevent individuals from gaining or permitting access to a property. Key safes are a great way for anyone needing a secure means of access without creating multiple sets of keys.

Key safes provided by the Key Safe Man have many applications such as easy, secure access for care professionals, allowing access in the event of an emergency, allowing contractors easy access or for general day-to-day use; such as leaving your keys behind when you take your dog for a walk.

The Key Safe Man can supply and fit key safes in Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

Day to Day Access

Key safes are ideal for allowing care and health professionals access without having to wait for key holders or for vulnerable persons to come to the door. Cleaning and domestic services or holiday tenants can have access to properties without delay. Family members no longer have to carry spare keys, and children can let themselves in after school.

By utilising a key safe you minimise the likelihood of lost or stolen keys and the resulting inconvenience and expense of changing locks and providing new keys to everyone. Simply allocate the key safe code only to those needing it, to allow instant access to the required property. Don’t forget yourself in all this. You will never be locked out again.

Emergency Access

In the event of an emergency, a key safe could allow immediate access for emergency services or named responders. Installing a key safe discretely on the outside of your property means that doors or windows will not need to be forced or named responders no longer need to wait for key holders such as relatives or friends.

The provision of a guaranteed means of access reduces delays in response, assessment and treatment time. Key safes ensure access to vulnerable people can be gained.

By installing a key safe and allowing the code to be passed onto the emergency services or named responders if you have an incident or have used a personal, pendant alarm you allow quick and easy access to your home.  This can eliminate the need for your door to be forced in order to gain access to receive the help you may need. 

Key safes can:

  • Avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs caused by possible forced entry
  • Reduce the likelihood of lost keys by issuing multiple sets
  • Avoid the need for multiple key holders and contacts
  • Ensure help can get to you as fast as possible