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Supra C500
Supra C500 Supra C500 Supra C500

Supra C500

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"The only key safe in the UK to achieve
Police approval.."

The Supra GE C500 key safe is Police approved by both the Loss Prevention Board and the Secure by Design Accreditation; this is the highest level of security awarded to any key safe on the market.

The design of the Supra GE C500 was underpinned by the consultation of users and industry experts. The Supra GE C500 key safe achieved an independent security rating LPS 1175 Level 1, this security rating means that the Supra GE C500 provides the same security as a domestic front door, making it the only key safe in the UK to be approved by the Police.

The Supra GE C500 key safe supports a varied audience from providing access for carers, health professionals, housing associations, holiday homes through to the use by family members and children.

The Supra GE C500 key safe is trusted by 98% of local authorities and several insurance companies such as Churchill, Direct Line and Aviva.


The Supra GE C500 is constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with a thick zinc-alloy shell.

The stainless steel plate around the bottom further strengthens the outer layer, and is scratch and fingerprint resistant. The Key Safe is designed with a double wall construction to reinforce the outer body, and a heavy-duty locking mechanism with extra long travel bolt makes it extremely pry-resistant.

The Supra C500 key safe can hold up to 4-5 cylinder keys or 1-2 mortise keys - up to 3 inches long.

Insurance Acknowledgement

The following Home Insurance Companies all agree that "Where only a Supra GE C500 Key safe is fitted, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and using the correct security bolts (as supplied) no claim for theft from a clients home would be compromised or prejudiced."

Direct Line , Green Flag, Churchill, Groupama, AIG, Fortis & Aviva.

The C500 has achieved LSP1175 Level 1 security rating. The LPS test was devised by security experts including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Insurance Surveyors. Therefore installing a C500 key safe will not invalidate your home contents insurance.

Key Safe Man advises all key safe users to inform their home insurance company of an installation and receive advice and/or guidance directly from your Insurance provider/s on this issue.

Key Features

  • Easy push button access
  • Large internal space - store up to 5 keys
  • Solid metal construction
  • Monococ design
  • Clutch mechanism prevents forced entry
  • Weatherproof cover included which protects against ice, snow, water and dust
  • Uses masonry screw fixings - resists attempts to remove
  • Additional A and B buttons allow over 4096 possible combinations
  • Hinged lid and cover
  • User-changeable code (recommended code should be between 5-7 digits)


Dimensions external: H 145mm W 80mm D 65mm

Dimensions internal: H 110mm W 50mm D 25mm

The Supra GE C500 key safe is available for fitting by the Key Safe Man in Bristol, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Somerset and Wiltshire.