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Burglar Protection

Burglary on the whole is an opportunist crime.

A house or premise will be selected by a burglar if it offers the fewest obstacles to carry out the crime undetected. An unoccupied and/or insecure building is far more likely to be targeted by a burglar, than one which is effectively secured. As a resident or business owner, if you can take pre-empted measures that show a burglar this building is too difficult or risky a target, the burglar will expectantly move on.

A few normal signs of an unoccupied building include:

  • Milk bottles or parcels on the doorstep
  • Newspapers and mail in the letter box
  • Unlit house or premise after dark
  • All windows shut in very hot weather

A few normal signs of an insecure building include:

  • Gates open
  • Accessible windows open
  • Ladders left out‚ allowing access to otherwise inaccessible windows
  • Garden tools available to force entry
  • Untrimmed hedges or high fences preventing natural surveillance

The signs listed above could make the burglar want to take a second look at your premise. If you live in a multi-occupancy dwelling‚ be careful to who you allow entry through an entry phone system and be wary of people seeking to "tailgate" you into the building.

To protect clients and/or properties from being highlighted as a vulnerable individual or building, the Key Safe Man wherever possible aims to conceal key safes in a location not in direct view to the public. For the purposes of a key safe being used for emergency access or non regular use, clients are advised to request key safes are totally concealed from view.

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