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Which Key Safe?

Any of our key safes will be ideal for domestic use. However depending on personal needs, preference, your property structure and number of keys needed to be stored, the Key Safe Man will work with you to find the best key safe for you and your property.

For commercial or holiday lettings, the ‘larger’ capacity key safes would prove more useful for their ability to store a larger number of keys however, the Key Safe Man will work with you to provide the best solution for your property or business.

If you are living in rented accommodation, any form of housing belonging to a housing association or a building which has a management/housing committee, it is advisable to check first if it is OK to install a key safe.

If this request is accepted, then the Key Safe Man can work with you to find the best solution from any key safes in our push button or combination code range.

If this request is denied or as a home owner you are unable to drill into your wall then a portable key safe will be the best option. These key safes work in the same way as a high security padlock. The shackle can be secured to any fixed point such as a post, gate, fence or door knob. You can easily remove the key safe with no damage caused to the property.

*IMPORTANT: All key safes in the combination or push button range require a flat surface and cannot be installed into mortar.